👨‍🎓 Our partners Damilah are inviting you to apply for their Graduate Programme. Damilah Graduate Programme is a 4-months structured career program with full employment and benefits.
🔷 During the program, you will gain a deep understanding of their company, company values, culture, and the project.
🔷 You will experience all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle, technologies, processes, and tooling.
🔷 Don’t miss the opportunity to use the best technology and create complete, innovative, and quality solutions for their customers, as well as build a strong network of professional and dedicated colleagues. The core team in Damilah consists of experienced and proven professionals in the IT industry.
🔷 If you are last year student or a recent graduate, join their Graduate Programme.

⏳ Apply at [email protected] till 20th of September.

The program will begin in October 2022.