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среда, 13 ти април

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петок, 15 ти април

Why Internships?

    Internships allow students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting while still in school. Internships offer carefully planned and monitored work experience with the goal being to gain additional knowledge from on-the-job exposure. Internships may also be part of an educational program in which students can earn academic credits from their college. Internships may be arranged independently from the curriculum in which students would gain work experience only.


Benefits to students

  • Career-related experience 
  • Gains practical knowledge
  • Opportunity to explore career avenues 
  • Valuable work experience for their resumes
  • Potential to earn academic credit
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Enhances conventional classroom learning methods
  • Letter of recommendation from departments supervisor
  • Obtain references from a co-worker


One of my best choices during my time as a student was applying for an internship at Xessable. With the great mentorship and the awesome company culture, I felt like part of the team from day one. The biggest upside was that I got to work on real tasks which have been proven to be an invaluable experience. 

                                                                                    David Mitreski, Software Engineer, Xessable

 Xessable is a company that invests in the constant development and advancement of its employees and interns. There is a pleasant and friendly work atmosphere in which everyone is constantly available for help and support. I am encouraging
all students who plan to start an internship to apply in Xessable because the
knowledge, friendship, people, help, support, feedback they provide to interns
during their internship allows them to gain valuable work experience.

                                                             Blagojce Mojanoski, Software Engineer, Xessable