Quipu Skopje operates since 2004 and has currently around 65 employees – this fact makes Quipu one of the oldest and most stable companies that is active in the Macedonian IT market. 

We work locally but have an international impact with what we do, putting our knowledge and competencies to the service of clients on 3 continents.

We support and implement continuous and multidisciplinary education on an annual basis. Regardless of the position, we invest in employees’ knowledge, because we consider this the only way to grow and develop individually and as a team. 

Depending on the technology we use, our colleagues attend certified courses from local or foreign companies, in and out of the country in the field of C#, .Net, RESTful API, MSSQL, JavaScript, Python, Azure, and other Microsoft Technologies. Our employees have the opportunity to be further educated in other segments such as English language, project management, business, banking and management.

In our team we are always happy to get involved in local events and we are constantly participating together in activities that support health, the environment and other social actions.

Through the way we work, regardless of your position in the team, you have the chance to gain remarkable experience, that will help make a significant impact on the business outcomes of our clients and of our company.


Each of these products is at the core of digitalization and all of our clients are supported to smoothly implement and use these solutions. Each project is different and gives us the opportunity to learn, be it for implementation or upgrade projects, and interact with international teams and different local requirements.

Learn more about us and the positions we have available. 

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