Founded in 2008, MCA is a company that has been built up from the ground up around our desire to make our client’s projects and visions come to life in best spotlight possible.

Initially started as Near-Shoring for our network in Denmark, MCA now is primarily focused on Product development for clients spanning most countries in Scandinavia. However, we still keep to our roots and staff the clients that need day to day development by our highly skilled staff.

After 2014 we have become more involved in startups that strive to go the distance and supply complex solutions to the customers. Those companies usually choose MCA as the partner, such they can be sure that their product will reach the marketplace in the quickest time possible.

Employee testimonials

The working atmosphere is cozy, even when there are deadlines… we rarely notice the stress and we manage through it. The colleagues are amazing, we even hang out outside of working hours. I’ve made pretty good friends here 🙂 I’m also satisfied with the benefits and the hybrid way of work…

Overall, MCA is a good company with very friendly coworkers and many opportunities to learn and improve skills.

I am very satisfied with my work experience at this company and would not plan on leaving it because of the positive work environment, understanding team members and managers. I feel I have improved a lot because of the high standard that all the employees uphold.