Ambitious Solutions is an Austrian-Macedonian Software development company. We aim at implementing high tech solutions to demanding and challenging problems.

  • Our mission is to provide our clients with the means to realize their software projects in a way that best fits their business.
  • Our vision is to aim at the enterprise business market and are determined to build a company full of dedicated, motivated, curious and friendly people who will follow the company’s passion in order to grow together.
  • We value the creation of a company culture based on superior performance, respect and recognition for the individual, success through teamwork, diverse and challenging work and flexible and rewarding career opportunities for our employees.
We are focused on creating a team of experts and our lecture will be just a peak of what and how we develop our team-mates. Join us on our company presentation and our lecture: Coding against interface for framework agnostic software.

Компаниска презентација:
четврток, 14 ти април

Едукативно предавање:
четврток, 21 ви април

Термини за прашања:
13.04 среда, 13:00-14:00
19.04 вторник, 11:00-12:00