Choosing the right path for your career can be confusing – join our graduate bootcamp programme and walk on the Allocate side of life. At Allocate Software you will learn, grow and develop within a comfortable, friendly, and supportive work environment, having an amazing opportunity to gain invaluable experience in different roles. Our 10-week bootcamp covers Agile best practices, Product Ownership, Quality Assurance, DevOps, and Software Engineering.

Компаниска презентација:
среда, 13 ти април

Едукативно предавање:
понеделник, 11 ти април

Термини за прашања:
понеделник, 11.04 13:30-14:30
среда, 13.04 11:20-12:20
вторник, 20.04 12:00-14:00